Lightning Protection Systems

Taylor offers various installation formats, including complete Lightning Protection and Specialty Grounding System Installation, On-site Installation Management, and System Certification.

Since 1986, Taylor Lightning Protection has been providing its customers with complete turnkey installations throughout the United States and offering supervision and installation services in the U.S. and abroad.

Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning Protection Systems consist of three basic parts that provide the low impedance path required to safely protect your facility.

A lightning protection system consists of air terminals installed on the roof and other high points, designed to optimally generate streamers and safely conduct lightning current to the ground.
A system comprising ground electrodes that establish a low-resistance pathway to the earth, enabling the safe dissipation of lightning currents into the ground.
A network of conductors that links air terminals to ground terminals, facilitating the safe transfer of lightning currents from air terminals to the ground electrodes.

When correctly designed and installed, these essential components ensure that the lightning discharge is harmlessly directed from the air terminals to the earth. Protecting lives and property.

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